The Original Agile Online Conference

Agile Online Summit 2022

November 2nd to 4th, 2022. Live and recorded.

unique offer!
1-YEAR Scrum Master Mastermind Community Membership 
Only available with the Scrum Master Summit VIP Ticket!
Get access to tens of product that will help you be an awesome Scrum Master. Including: 
  • Learn to help your teams plan better: The 9 NoEstimates video interviews with Agile experts on how to help your teams rock the planning game, without estimates! (Value: $99USD)
  • Coach Your PO: Product Owners can make or break your team's work. Help the PO, and help your team with our 18+ module Coach Your Product Owner e-course (Value: $127USD)
  • ​Learn from the best Agile thought Leaders: Watch all the Agile Online Meetup videos. 20+ interviews with Esther Derby, Johanna Rothman, Diana Larsen, Joshua Kerievsky, Geoff Watts and many, many more! (Exclusively available with the Scrum Master Mastermind Community membership)
  • Attend a conference every month and share with your team: Rewatch and share the best talks from the Agile Online Summit and the Scrum Master Summit. All videos available forever! That's 4 conferences, and 2 more every year! (Exclusively available with the Scrum Master Mastermind Community membership)
  • ​Much More!: Books, audio, video and our own private Slack. Exclusively available with the Scrum Master Mastermind Community membership

Varun Maheswari, Agile Coach and Scrum Master

I have taken Coaching Product Owner course from Vasco Duarte and I have no words to explain how brilliant it is. 

Highly recommended for any agile practitioner. 

Thanks Vasco for putting up such a great course.
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